binzbrattlogoThe idea behind BINZ+BRATT is to offer an exclusive range of wines ”Made in Germany” that provides premium estate quality wines at attractive prices. Having worked in the international wine business for many years, we detected a gap in the general German wine portfolio.


On the one hand, Germany as a wine producing country, has got big wineries which are able to supply huge quantities of simple and average wine at cheap and very cheap prices. Luckily this category of wine is disappearing slowly but steadily from the shelves around the globe. On the other hand we have an enormous and growing number of excellent winemakers who produce great wine and consequently request certain ex-cellar prices per bottle.


With BINZ+BRATT we offer outstanding medium-priced wine qualities which naturally lie below the entry level products of family run wine estates. Furthermore, BINZ+BRATT can provide volume, which makes it interesting for larger customers, retail chains and Monopoly markets to list these products.

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