axelneiss1swAxel Neiss [nice] is maybe the underdog in our "club exclusive". His wine estate is located in the far north of the Palatinate (Pfalz) in a small village called Kindenheim. Here one is far away from the famous names which string along the Pfälzer Weinstraße. This is one reason why this estate remained undiscovered by tourists, critics and journalists until recently. You won`t find any euphonic vineyard names here which insiders adore like expensive jewellery and this results in a healthy and friendly price calculation. As the vineyards are not so protected by the forest, average temperatures are lower which results in lighter and more consumer-friendly alcohol levels.

However, what you can find here are excellent white and red wines from various grape varieties. A refreshing and un-snobbish way of wine production which offers customers what they are looking for: reasonable-priced, honest and enjoyable wines.

Today Neiss wines are widely distributed. Axel is a major supplier to a big German wholesaler and retailer. Suddenly important journalists know Kindenheim and even tourists stop at the estate to purchase a few bottles. His wines are also available in many countries around the globe. NEISS Pinot Grigio for example, is served by the glass at the ATLANTIS AT THE PALM in Dubai.

And because his name “Neiss” is so nice, he has developed a brand which says it all in a nutshell –


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