jacobduijn1swJacob Duijn [doin] (like in “coin”) is a Dutch and a former sommelier who changed direction and became one of Germany´s Pinot Noir pioneers. We call him the DRC of Germany. After being a sommelier and before becoming a wine maker, Duijn was sales manager for Segnitz, a major wine importer and wholesaler. As so often happens, Duijn married and moved to his wife`s home in the small village of Buehl not far from Baden-Baden. In 1998 he was offered a 0.8ha vineyard planted with Pinot Noir. The vineyard was sold by an old gentleman who had maintained and nursed it his entire life but delivered the grapes to the local cooperative. Duijn snatched at the offer and started to produce his own wine. 1999 was his first vintage.


At the outset Duijn learned from the best Pinot producers like Bernhard Huber in Malterdingen but he soon developed his own profile. The big role model in all aspects was and still is France. The key was to focus on only 3 wines from different vineyards and in different quality levels. Due to his great contacts he quickly built up abusiness relationship with a reliable group of restaurants which listed his wines. He acquired more vineyards and invested in up-to-date cellar equipment.


In 2005 Duijn was honored as “Winemaker of the Year” with the “Best Red Wine Collection” by the renowned wine guide EICHELMANN and was awarded an incredible 5 Stars for being one of the best producers in Germany.

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