Dreissigacker recommended in Allt Om Vin

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ALLT OM VIN Nr. 1-2015; page: 22 / STORA VINIGUIDEN

ALLT OM VIN Nr. 1-2015; page: 52





erobertparker about Dreissigacker

See how Wine Advocates rated our single vineyard wines.

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geyersberg label

The   intense yellow 2013 Geyersberg   Riesling trocken was still very young and closed on the nose when I tasted it   end of August. There were still flavors of the spontaneous fermentation and   yeasty aromas dominating the nose which were serious and showed a deep,   concentrated mix of mineral notes and pineapple aromas. Succulent, precise   and elegant on the palate this full-bodied and expressive wine has a tautly   woven structure and a lovely mineral piquancy with lots of limes, a lingering   salinity and persistent citrus flavors. It has very good aging   potential.

91 / 100

kirchspiel label

Sourced   from the Westhofen cru the citrus colored 2013 Kirchspiel Riesling trocken is clear and quite complex on the   nose with powdered chalk, citrus and ripe yet discreet Riesling aromas. Very   mineral, fresh and elegant on the palate, this is a tightly woven, serious   and terroir-driven wine that is full of finesse. Still very young but it   shows great potential.

92 / 100

morstein label

Citrus   colored, the 2013 Morstein   Riesling trocken is smoky, mineral and deep on the nose revealing ripe and   concentrated Riesling berry aromas dotted with limes and notes of the   spontaneous fermentation. Full-bodied, rich and pure, the flavors are complex   and elegant on the palate and lead this well balanced wine to develop a   salty, piquant and aromatic finish with citrus flavors in the long   aftertaste. This is an expressive, terroir-driven Morstein from one of   Germany's most popular non-VDP estate.

93 / 100


manager magazin 10-2014

Dreissigacker at H.O.M.E.

If wine becomes lifestyle you find your wines in magazines about living, architecture and art. In this case, Jochens´ wines are recommended at the magazine H.O.M.E. by "ADLON" CEO Martin Pelz, available through the legendary wine store "Lorenz Adlon Weinhandlung" in Berlin.


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home cover

Dreissigacker @ Falstaff 2014

The estate DREISSIGACKER received excellent resluts in FALSTAFF Wine Guide 2014.

Falstaff is a culinary life style magazine.


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The estate Dr. Koehler also received very positiv feedback in Falstaff. Klick here!

30 Winemakers below 40

The international magazine DRINKS BUSINESS selected

30 wine makers below 40 to watch.


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 db - 30 winemakers under 40 to watch

Dreissigacker @ Fine Magazine

The Fine Wine Magazine "FINE" selected Jochen Dreissigacker among the 111 best young wine makers in Germany.

Dreissigacker @ GQ

The life style magazine GQ selected Jochen Dreissigacker as one of the 100 most influencial Germans below 40.

Fiona Morrison MW about minerality in wine

Fiona Morrison M.W. is a Master of Wine based in Belgium and France and writes, among others, for the magazine Culinaire AMBIANCE the n°1 culinairy magazine in Belgium. In the July 2013 release Morrison broached the issue of minerality in wine and experienced the wines of Jochen Dreissigacker.

"I spoke of my dilemma to Jochen. As an organic winemaker, he is so completely wedded to this idea of soil being reflected in fruit, that it seemed almost heresy to speak of its impossibility. Shaking his head, he poured me a pair of his Geyersberg Rieslings. And this is where I lost it; totally. The 2011 was so full of rocky, limestone character that caught the side of your mouth, laid chalky, scented warm soil on your tongue and ripe, rocky flavours in the back of the throat – in brief it was impossible not to use adjectives related to the soil."

Download the full article here: Fiona Morrison MW - trying to ignore minerality in wine

Tasting notes vintage 2011

Julia Harding MW released the following results about Dreissigacker on JancisRobinson.com.

All wines are of 100% Riesling and 2011 vintage.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bechtheimer Geyersberg Riesling dry a 17.5
Bechteimer Riesling dry 17
Westhofener Kirchspiel Riesling dry 17
Dreissigacker Riesling dry 16.5


You can download all tasting notes about Axel Pauly, Markus Schneider and Dreissigacker as PDF file here.

Barack Obama enjoys wines by Dreissigacker and Schneider

Berlin, June 20, 2013


The wineries Dreissigacker and Markus Schneider have every reason to rejoice these days, because none other than Barack Obama enjoyed the wines of these two renowned family owned wine estates during his visit to Berlin.

The President's working visit included the capital, on the eve of 19 June 2013 together with the First Lady, for an official dinner at Charlottenburg Palace. Top Berlin chef Tim Raue was responsible for the wine selection, and says "I was inspired by the combination of the menu from my hometown of Berlin and so served among others cod, braised meatballs and bee sting dessert. Wines by Jochen Dreissigacker and Markus Schneider have accompanied our dishes for many years." "The modern German style shows up in aromatic, juicy, yet elegant wines that just fits perfectly with the cuisine, on this occasion for me these two winemakers reflect modern German winemaking." says Tim Raue.

Jochen Dreissigacker and Markus Schneider are proud that their wines have been selected to accompany this special occasion: "Our wines are received all over the world from Australia, Norway, China and of course the U.S. We hope that Barack Obama has enjoyed our wines. German wines have reached international Standards and can stand up to any competition from other countries."

On arrival, Barack Obama, wife Michelle, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and 250 guests were greeted with the 2011 Dreissigacker dry sparkling Riesling and a 2012 Markus Schneider Pinot Blanc. The four-course menu by Tim Raue included white asparagus and lemon foam, char caviar and sorrel, then cod with braised cucumber, cream of celery and tarragon, meatballs, mace crumbs, beetroot and apple salad with mashed potatoes as well as a bee sting cake with apricot sorbet to finish. The wines selected to accompany the dinner were the 2012 Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc by Markus Schneider, the 2009 Marvel Pinot Noir and the 2011 Rieslaner Beerenauslese Bechtheimer Holy Cross from Dreissigacker.


menue for the presidents dinner


schneider ehepaar raue dreissigackeri

Markus Schneider, Marie-Anne & Tim Raue, Jochen Dreissigacker

Bechtheimer Riesling Silver @ InterVin, Canada 2012

The 2011 Bechtheimer Riesling by Dreissigacker received a silver medal at the InterVin International Wine Awards 2012 in Toronto Canada.


2012 intervin_ca_silber_bechtheimer

Dreissigacker Riesling reviewed @ ihere.tv , Thailand 2012


DECANTER Experts Choice German Riesling 2012

Two wines of Jochen Dreissigacker were recommended at

Decanter Experts Choice.




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Sommelier Wine Award 2012

2010 Bechtheimer Riesling trocken


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sommelierwineawards12 bechtheimer


jancisrobinson.com 2011

jancisrobinson bechtheimer10

Jancis Robinson reviews vintage 2009 by Dreissigacker

Reknowned UK wine critic Jancis Robinson was highly impressed about the quality of Dreissigacker Riesling after tasting his 2009 collection.


"Jochen Dreissigacker of Rheinhessen, a near genius on basis of my tasting of his 09 Rieslings today"

(Jancis Robinson, November 2010)


the following wines were tasted:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wine score
Riesling trocken 2009 17
Bechtheimer Riesling 2009 17.5
Bechtheimer Hasensprung 2009 17.5
Bechtheimer Rosengarten 2009 17+
Bechtheimer Geyersberg 2009 17.5
Bechtheimer Geyersberg 2007 17.5
Bechtheimer Chardonnay 2009 16
EINZIGACKER Weissburgunder 2009aaaaa 17.5
Rieslaner Auslese 2009 16.5
Beerenauslese Cuvée 2009 16.5


see full review including tasting notes here