jochendreissigacker2swCurrently Jochen Dreissigacker is certainly one of the most talented young wine makers in Germany. His style is unique and his wines are available in almost all top restaurants between Sylt and Lake Constance. After tasting his 2009 vintage, Jancis Robinson named him “a near genius” and sommeliers around the world adore Dreissigacker wines for their ability to accompany great food.


To produce something outstanding out of something good and something exciting out of something tasteful - is what drives Jochen Dreissigacker every day in his work in vineyard and wine cellar. To achieve this he works hard and turns something exhausting into something extreme.


Extremely low yields or extremely long maturation on the yeast these are only two factors which contribute to the quality of Jochen Dreissigacker wines. Organic farming, hours of manual work in the vineyards, fully ripened grapes, hand-picking and gentle fermentation in stainless steel vats are further contributory factors. Last but not least, Jochen can count on his family to support him driving for the continued success of his wine estate.